One Bright Life

Marek Lapinski 4

On March 21, 2013, Marek Lapinski underwent a routine dental surgery to remove his wisdom teeth. Complications developed approximately 30 minutes into the procedure. After several days in the ICU, Marek left us a great legacy!

At age 24, Marek moved to San Diego to assist in starting a high-tech military technology company focused on developing a classified visual enhancement system that can prevent thousands of soldiers’ deaths and injuries annually. As a Founding Partner of Tactical 3rd Dimension and its sister company Total 3rd Dimension, Marek’s experience in finance made a remarkable impact and solidified the foundation of both companies.

Marek’s bright life will be remembered by his family and friends, and his works will continue to influence this world positively for many more decades, saving lives via his legacy.

Marek Lapinski
September 17, 1988 ~ March 24, 2013