Marek’s Bio

Marek Lapinski 1Marek Lapinski grew up in Wexford, Pennsylvania with his mother, April Lapinski, his father, Don Lapinski, and his two sisters, Nicolette and Natalie. Marek was a star student athlete at North Allegheny High School where he played varsity football, varsity baseball, and experienced success in academics. Marek was loved and respected among his peers for his gracious attitude and his innate leadership skills.

Upon graduating from North Allegheny High School in June of 2007, Marek accepted a spot on Duquesne University’s Football team as a Fullback. During his college years, Marek worked in the finance field as an intern with both UBS and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Shortly after graduating from Duquesne University in May of 2011, Marek left Pennsylvania for San Diego, where he was a Founding Partner of a high-tech classified military technology company, Tactical 3rd Dimension (T3D) and its sister company Total 3rd Dimension.

Tactical 3rd Dimension’s primary focus is to minimize soldier injury and death due to deficiencies in night and thermal vision equipment.  Via T3D’s classified real-time visual and thermal display system, it is estimated that thousands of injuries and death can be avoided annually during front line missions and training.  Non-classified civilian division Total 3rd Dimension’s equipment will enhance not only remote medical surgeries, minimizing dangerous surgical time and enhance physician awareness during surgical operations, but also improve commercial traffic for river barges, large ocean going vessels, airplanes, and more… lowering accident rates and increasing efficiency.

Marek was not motivated by personal success; rather he was driven by an innate desire to serve a greater cause, which was obvious in many aspects of Marek’s life, both personal and professional.

Personally, Marek was dedicated to serving those that he loved, as a caring son, wonderful brother, and loyal friend. Professionally, Marek was dedicated to a cause that will forever change the science of nighttime battlefield maneuvers to save soldiers’ lives not just in US, but across all allied nations; improve remote surgery, boosting odds for surgical success; and much more.

A beautiful life cut too short, Marek Lapinski will live on in all of the lives that he touched, and many more whose lives are yet to be saved with Marek’s legacy.